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Hayward Pools

If you take the Middlebrook Road south from the crossroads adjacent to Village Hall for about half a mile, you will see a long low commercial building fronted by the name HAYWARD. You are looking at the home of the largest employer in our Village. Hayward is the leading global manufacturer of the residential and commercial equipment that allows our swimming pools to function…pumps, filters, heaters, automatic cleaners and everything else necessary to keep them running cleanly and efficiently.

Quote: “The Engine to the Pool” says it all.

The company founded, 1925, in Elizabeth, NJ by Irving Hayward, was acquired by Oscar Davis, the owner of a small machining company, in 1964. A major step forward was taken 30 years later with the purchase of the empty Gravely tractor plant in Clemmons. A period of tremendous expansion followed. Local employment now stands at 700 with a total worldwide of over 2000 employees.

The facility covers, under roof, over 650,000 square feet or the equivalent of about 12 football fields. A tour by the long-time plant manager, Don Alcorn, reveals a host of plastic injection and blow molding machines producing parts ranging from fractions of an oz to 100 lbs. in a range of multiple different resins and colors. Robots, eerily, do most of the heavy lifting and precision molding. Final assembly is achieved manually backed up by teams of engineers and designers. Pumps, for example, one of many products, ship out at the rate of up to 1500/day. The whole facility runs like a well-orchestrated machine.

For personal reasons, the Davis family (Oscar is 92) recently decided to sell the company, but not without being satisfied that the Hayward tradition and legacy will be in excellent hands.

The employees, our Village and the owners of the estimated ten million pools around the world can rest easy – Hayward will be there and growing ever stronger.

P.S. Hayward is actively recruiting employees at all levels and will soon be offering apprenticeships. Visit for more information.



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    Christian Petty says:

    As a neighbor to Hayward Industries, Madison Hall Apartments would be glad to connect with someone in the HR Department at Hayward to discuss our community and the possibility of HR being able to provide its employees with information about a place to call home very close to work.

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    Curt Ewing says:

    Hayward also supports numerous independent local industries and community projects. My company’s participation is some of the color concentrate and additives that go in to their injection molding process.

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    Judy Griffin Culler says:

    Very information article about Hayward.
    Thank you!

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    Rebecca Galloway says:

    What a nicely designed website and well written story. My husband and I moved here in June and have been enjoying learning about the many activities and all the village has to offer. I look forward to next months featured business story and Spring things to know about as they are posted.

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