What is the UDO?

The Unified Development Ordinances, otherwise known as the UDO, contain the definitions and specifications of development standards that are the basis of enforcement.

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1. Where can I find information about the owner or zoning district of a property?
2. Where can I find information about past developments in Clemmons?
3. Where can I find information about developments before a public hearing?
4. What is Planning?
5. What is the Community Compass?
6. What is the Planning Board?
7. What is Zoning?
8. What is the UDO?
9. How is zoning enforced?
10. What constitutes a sign violation?
11. What kind of accessory structures are allowed on my property?
12. Who is responsible for inspections and permitting?
13. How were the digital billboards on Lewisville-Clemmons Road approved?