Selfie with an Elfie

Buddy with number and letterHavePrintable Worksheet you seen 52 elves around the Village? We hope every time you see one, they make you smile because SMILING IS OUR FAVORITE! We would love to see your selfie with one of the elfie’s – please visit our Facebook event page and post for everyone to see!  

For some extra fun, we have a Buddy the Elf inspired gift basket up for grabs!  We all know that Buddy the Elf can't keep a secret. Find the elf heads throughout the Village to find out what he has to say. The corresponding letter and number placed with each Buddy coupled with the master key below will give you the answer! But you keep that secret on the printable worksheet and turn it in at Village Hall or the Jerry Long Family YMCA. We will draw our winner for a prize basket on December 22nd at Noon!

Don’t worry if you don’t find all of the hints – just submit your favorite seasonal quote on the paper with your contact information to be entered!  We don’t want to be a cotton-headed ninny muggings to make you find all of the elves to enter!

Would you like to be a location for one of our Buddy the Elf heads this season?

The Village of Clemmons will be promoting the “Selfie with an Elfie” hunt to the entire community this holiday season (only available to those businesses and organizations located within the municipal boundaries of Clemmons).  This will be a simple hunt for elf heads around the Village, where each head will have a number and letter assigned to it.  Villagers can go from business to business over the season to decode a special message from Buddy the Elf.   Like the recent Monster Scavenger Hunt, participants can submit the answer, name, and contact information for a chance to win a prize basket. 

Complete the online form.

Our goal is to get people out to explore our wonderful business community.  The only requirement of our business partners will be the ELF MUST BE DISPLAYED IN SIGHT EVEN WHEN YOUR BUSINESS IS CLOSED ANYTIME FROM 11/26 UNTIL 12/25.  You do NOT have to give out anything to elf seekers, but you are more than welcome to if you wish.    

Your elf will magically appear by November 26th!  We will tape it to your storefront (or on a yard sign depending on your location)- we know this is a busy time of year among all of us elves.  Please don’t toss the elf- we will collect them at the end of the contest! … And if your elf magically goes missing before December 25th, please let us know and we will replace him!