Development Project List

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Proposed Projects (Application is received by the Village, is in review, and may be approved or denied)

Project NumberProject NameProject TypeDescriptionStatus

Approved/Withdrawn/Denied Projects (2020-2024)

Project NumberProject NameProject TypeDescriptionStatus
C-23-002Jasper MeadowsPreliminary Major Subdivision Approval31-lot subdivision in RS-20 districtApproved 01/08/24
C-257Matt McChesneyRezoningGeneral use district zoning map amendment

RS-15 to RS-9
Withdrawn 01/08/24
C-256Battery Watering TechnologiesRezoningRequest to correct error in legal description for zoning district boundaries and move parking spaces from the west and south to the eastern side of existing building

RS-9 and GB-S to GB-S
Approved 01/08/24
PMA I Holdings, LLCRezoningGeneral use district zoning map amendment

RS-30 to RS-20
Approved 11/13/23

Honda of Winston-Salem Parking Lot AdditionRezoningRequest for outdoor display retail area for the adjacent commercial business

HB-S to GB-S
Approved 08/14/23
C-23-001Allen FarmsPreliminary Major Subdivision Approval15-lot subdivision in RS-9 districtApproved 06/26/23
C-253Tyler Merriman Property - 3725 & 3729 Clemmons RoadRezoningRequest to add "services, personal" and other commercial uses

LO-S to PB-S
Approved 05/08/23
C-252AAA StorageRezoningRequest to add "motor vehicle, rental and leasing" use

GB-S to GB-S
Withdrawn 05/22/23
C-22-001Tanglewood TracePreliminary Major Subdivision ApprovalPlan for 10-lot single-family subdivision

Approved 01/09/23
C-251Harper Property AnnexationRezoningConversion to municipal zoning for annexed property east of Michelle Drive and north of Lismore Street 

County RS-40 to Clemmons RS-30
Approved 08/22/22
C-250Village of Clemmons Harper Road PropertyRezoningZoning map amendment request for 
RM-8 general use district (no site plan)
Withdrawn 09/20/22
C-249Town Center Outparcel 2Final Development PlanPlan for 10,000 sf retail and restaurant building located on the east side of Gentry LaneApproved 10/10/22
C-248Gateway West TownhomesRezoningPlan for 40 townhome units located north of Culler Road and west of Lewisville-Clemmons RoadDenied 07/11/22
C-247Harper AcresRezoning and Preliminary Major Subdivision ApprovalPlan for 38-lot single-family subdivision located east of Michelle Drive and north of Lismore StreetDenied 08/22/22
C-246Main Street Village Point ApartmentsFinal Development PlanPlan for 156-unit multifamily and 4,240 sf retail building Approved 06/13/22
C-245Clemmons Apartments & CommercialAnnexation and RezoningPlan for 5 commercial buildings, four multifamily buildings totaling 234 units, and 37 townhomesWithdrawn 11/08/21
C-21-002Tudor OaksPreliminary Major Subdivision ApprovalPlan for 20-lot single-family subdivisionApproved 10/11/21
C-244Taft ApartmentsRezoningPlan for 10 multifamily buildings totaling 260 unitsWithdrawn 07/28/21
C-243Triad Ocular and Facial Plastic SurgeryFinal Development PlanPlan for 7,799 sf office, retail, and personal service buildingApproved 09/13/21
C-242Springfield VillageRezoningPlan for 26 twinhome subdivisionApproved 09/27/21
C-241KakewalkRezoningPlan to add additional uses for 12,340 sf specialty retail buildingApproved 08/09/21
C-240Gateway WestRezoningPlan for two multifamily buildings totaling 70 unitsWithdrawn 08/25/21
C-21-001GriffindellPreliminary Major Subdivision ApprovalPlan for 18-lot single-family subdivisionDenied 08/23/21
C-239Animal Ark Parking LotRezoningPlan for 29-space parking lot for adjacent veterinary serviceApproved 05/10/21
SPA-20-0023711 Clemmons RoadSite Plan AmendmentAmendment to add ADA ramp to building entrance and meet parking requirementsApproved 04/12/21
C-238Clouds HarborPreliminary Major Subdivision Approval and RezoningPlan for 88-lot single-family subdivisionApproved 02/22/21
C-237Lake at BelmontAnnexation and RezoningPlan for fourteen multifamily buildings totaling 360 unitsApproved 01/25/21
C-236BojanglesRezoningPlan for 2,939 sf restaurant w/ drive-thruApproved 07/13/20
C-235Old MillPreliminary Major Subdivision Approval and RezoningPlan for 69 single-family home and 42 twinhome subdivisionApproved 07/13/20
C-234Village at KinnamonRezoningPlan for three multifamily buildings totaling 78 unitsApproved 05/24/21
C-20-001IdolwoodPreliminary Major Subdivision ApprovalPlan for 30-lot single-family subdivisionApproved 04/27/20
C-19-005Greenfield ParkPreliminary Major Subdivision ApprovalPlan for 9-lot single-family subdivisionApproved 02/24/20
C-19-004Blakley's MeadowPreliminary Major Subdivision ApprovalPlan for 37-lot single-family subdivisionWithdrawn 11/25/19
C-19-003Tanglewood ForestPreliminary Major Subdivision ApprovalPlan for 17-lot single-family subdivisionApproved 10/14/19
C-19-002Loader AcresPreliminary Major Subdivision ApprovalPlan for 17-lot single-family subdivisionApproved 07/22/19